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Connect your knowledge base from anywhere.

Connect your agent to access data from different sources - Files, Websites. Stay tuned as we are expanding our data sources!

Integrate and launch wherever you need it.

We currently support website widget and web iframe. We're working on the following channels:

Slack, Discord, Teams, Telegram, Whatsapp

Zapier, API

Agent profile link

Custom branding? No problem, everything is built for your business.

Use your own brand name, color, logo, and agent image. Set up a personalized welcome message, add sample questions, and guide the agent with specific prompts.

Coming Soon

Meet the AI agent civilization.

Humanity is the only civilization on Earth, but we are building the foundation on Mars.

Use external tools (search, browse, code and API)

Simplify complex tasks, automate the workflows

Multi-agent communication and collaboration

Start chatting with any document or website

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Customer Reviews



This tool is exceptional, demonstrating both versatility and reliability.

It's quite intuitive to set up, chat, integrate, and use.



I experimented with askGenie and was taken aback by its capabilities.

I supplied the tool with information from a website, some PDFs, and text. The bot consistently responded coherently and adequately, always meeting my expectations.

I'm thrilled that I decided to give this tool a try - I can't even begin to imagine my regret had I overlooked this solution. I eagerly anticipate future enhancements.



This is unbelievable.



I have great admiration for the team tackling such an ambitious project.

Their progress in these early stages of the technology has left me quite pleased. I have strong conviction that they are on a trajectory of continuous improvement.



The true beauty of askGenie lies in its versatility. I can incorporate or modify various sources. It combines all these seamlessly and presents them in a well-organized, convenient way through the askGenie interface.

I'm eagerly looking forward to spending more time exploring its capabilities.

Master N

Agency Owner

I've created several similar agents for my SEO clients who have extensive content libraries in the plastic surgery sector. This is an excellent way to showcase our AI expertise.

We are eagerly awaiting an upgrade path that will allow us to exceed the current query limit.


Product Manager

I had it up and running within 5 minutes, and it's quite powerful. I tested it in Spanish and English, and it performed perfectly in both languages.



It works great!

After uploading my data, it's been operating seamlessly.

I appreciate its capability to engage in comprehensive dialogues with my website visitors.


askGenie has significantly enhanced my customer service operations.

This AI agent builder has revamped interactions between my clients' customers and visitors.

It is one of my most valuable purchases so far.

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1 agent

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50 message credits / month

1 MB text processed / month

1 MB maximum file upload size

10 web pages


2 agents

2 knowledgebases

2000 message credits / month

50 MB text processed / month

5 MB maximum file upload size

50 web pages


$399 /mo

100 agents

100 knowledgesbases

100000 message credits / month

500 MB text processed / month

20 MB maximum file upload size

10000 web pages


5 agents

10 knowledgebaes

10000 message credits / month

100 MB text processed / month

10 MB maximum file upload size

500 web pages

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